Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Lots to do Charity Auction

Well our charity auction has come to an end, raising a grand total of nearly £110 for Jane Tomlinsons charity.

The highlight of the auction was a tag very kindly donated by Tim Holtz.
to everyone who took part, whether it was making something to donating, bidding, winning or just a donation


Dawne said...

thank you for hosting it claire xxx

Mee said...

And thank you Claire for organising everything!!!

sam21ski said...

A big thank you to you Claire for all the hard work that you put in xxxx

Chris said...

It was great fun. Just glad we don't do it every day! :-)

Thanks Claire for doing such a wonderful job. x

Ang C said...

You have done a fantastic job Claire - well done you


hilmof said...

Well done Claire for putting all the time and effortin to make this auction so successful

Mags said...

A HUGE thank you to you Claire for all your hard work in making it a fab auction, well done you. :) :) :)