Thursday, 29 October 2009

An award!!

This award is from the very talented Amy (who has her own range of stamps being released next month!) Apparently I now have to share 5 things about me with you so...........
1) Im a twin (but not the evil one!)
2) Im actually a qualified archaeologist
3) The last film I saw was "Paranormal Activity" and was a bit scared!
4)I love a nice cup of tea
5) My fav band in the world is
30 Seconds to Mars

So those are my 5 things!!! It's difficult to chose but Im gonna pass this award onto

Lottie, Ju, Paula, Nicky and Gabby cos your blog are inspirational

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Christmas... but different!!

So I made a christmas card yesterday and it was pure pants!!!! I had no idea where it was going and so it went - into the bin LOL

I thought I would have a change of tack and try something different, so I moved onto christmas decorations!!! The images are from Etsy and they are made using microscope slides (I got about 200 for a fiver off Ebay!) Now this is my first attempt at soldering since I made a circuit board in CDT at school about 20 years ago! (dosent that make me sound ancient :o$) so it's a bit chunky, but I think that all adds to its handmade charm LOL
Sorry about the rubbish picture - webcam again!! My hubby has been taking the camera to work to photograph pollution incidents, how very inconsiderate! lol
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Circle Journal!

Over on UKS I've signed up for a circle journal. Havent done one for ages and there is some massive talent on that forum!!!!
The idea is that we all choose a stamp, that stamp goes round with the journal and everyone has to decorate 2 pages using your chosen stamp.

My chosen stamp is a skeleton. I love him but
dont use him nearly enough. Seeing as it's a skelly my journal is titled 'dem bones' (geddit!)
For my first page I decided to do something totally different. I added a skirt from a stamping Bella (Bellarina) and used my shrine stamp to make a large mirror.
My 2nd page is a skelly rock band. Which rock band? Why the
Grateful Dead of course! LOL Thanks for looking :o)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Christmas Stockings!!

This card is for the Winter Wonderland challenge. This week the theme is stockings (not the Rocky Horror variety neither LOL) Now believe it or not there are christmas stockings on the backing paper!!!

Sorry about the crapness of the pic, I cant find my camera so had to use the webcam :oP

Thanks for looking

Sunday, 18 October 2009

A bit of dimension!

Another christmas card but, can you believe it!! Not a stamped image in sight LOL The inspiration for this came from Lysa. I used a circle punch to punch out 3 circles (obviously lol) I folded them in half and stuck them together, added a bit of bling and eh voila!! The sentiment is from a Graphicus CD. All the papers are Stampin' Up.
This also fits in with the Lots to Do challenge which is........ Cards!!
Thanks for looking :oP

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ahhhhh Autumn

Here is a mini book for a swap on Crafting Corner. The theme is Autumn!!!

My first pages are back to school, cos thats what autunm reminds me of (even though, obviously, I dont go to school anymore lol) The image is a Mo Manning one called End of Summer. The other page I have revisted my old stickers and found some school type ones!

The next pages are, of course, halloween!!! The image is a Sugar Nellie one, the backing paper I think is K & Co.

Then it's onto Autunm Leaves. The image on the left is from Third Coast Stamps, the trees on the right are from a Crafty Individuals kit.

Finally its onto bonfire night!
"Remember remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason should ever be forgot"

This is my OH favorite time of year. What is it about men and fire!! I think it all stems back to some primeval caveman instinct! He loves fire and fireworks, the bigger the better! I hate fireworks, well, rather I hate the thought of fireworks near me and maiming me for life!
"November the 5th has been and gone
the thought of it still lingers
I held a banger in my hand
Has anybody seen my fingers! lol
Remember to play safe on bonfire night!!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

A couple more cards......

for the festive season!!

The first uses a stamp from Crafty Individuals. I have split the stamp into individual images and used 2. The background paper is from Dovecraft. Not sure if you can see it on the pic but I have stamped the background with glittered snowflakes. I think the tag is from Dovecraft too (I've had them a while lol) As you can see, Im totally into buttons at the moment!!!

The second card 'borrow's the sketch from Farm Fresh Friday, but not an Anya or Ian in sight lol The stamps are wheels from Stampin' Up! I stamped the image with the cars first then used masking fluid to cover whilst I stamped the houses. I added a bit of glitter (it is a christmas card!) The papers are Stampin' Up! too and another button to boot!
Hope your enjoying whats left of the weekend! Our dinning room ceiling fell down yesterday (well, hubby kinda pulled it down lol) so everything (including the dog) is covered in dust! Needless to say thats my evening's spoken for this week!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Mask - but no Jim Carrey!

This is for the October Variety Swap over one Crafting Corner. This months theme is - masks!! My inspiration for this comes from Venice rather than halloween. I printed a template I found on t'net and transfered it onto mountboard. The black side is stamped with gold embossing powder, the white side with black. I added 2 gold bells for a bit of jingle, the black ribbon and flower is from an old bra. Does anyone else do that? Save bits from old underwear, clothes lol

I then attached it to an old garden cane which I painted with white acrylic paint and added some ribbon - eh voila!!

I wasnt sure how it would turn out but am quite pleased with it - it is my first attempt after all!!!

Have a fab evening whatever your up too


Trick or treat - part 2!!

Well yesterday I showed the treat, here is the trick!!!!

It started off life as a mini maglite box so I covered it with Northanger Abbey (again!) and then grunged it up with some distress inks, added some rub ons and a bit of stamping.

So it looks like a nice little keepsake box but, open it up and there's a ghost hiding inside!!!

Not a real one, obviously, Im not a Ghostbuster lol. As you can see, I've also but some chocolate treats in for my swapee, so it's not that spooky!!
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, looks like it's just about to start raining here!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Trick or Treat!

But mainly treat lol. This is for the Trick or Treat swap on Craft Swap forum. For this swap we have to make a treat for someone and a trick for someone. Well I havent finished my trick - yet, so here is my treat. She also (kinda - its not a card!) fits in for the Anyone for Anya challenge. She's actually a dangly thing, I used some cotton and threaded some beads onto it and added the mirror onto the bottom.
This week you have to use an Anya which you think best represents you, so I used flutter anya. Now, obviously I dont have wings or wear tutu's BUT, it has been known that, on occasion, I have worn my hair in the same style; especially in the hot weather!
Thanks for looking

Sunday, 4 October 2009

A bit of recycling!

These are for a swap on Lots to Do forum
I have to say I have neglected my forum buddies of late, generally because when I get chatting I dont do any crafting!!!! But I have joined in a few swaps recently so hopefully they will forgive me lol

2 completely different styles for these - a bit of cute and a bit of grunge, which I would say describes me! :oP (my hubby would just say Im a scruffy cow lol)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday :o)

Happy Sunday!!

This is my entry for the Art Raffle hosted by 3d Jean. This months theme isnt Halloween (as you might think from my entry lol) but orange and black - which to me is as good as halloween! Im embracing halloween this month (well it is October!) which means lots of spooky dooky stuff and a horror film every night (when OH will allow it that is!)
Well my entry isnt that spooky, cos insides its full of chocolate treats! I created the pumpkin by punching 5 ovals from orange card stock and inking the edges in Dried Marigold Distress Ink. I added a hand cut stalk, stamped a Tim Holtz
flourish and cut it out - I think it looks like the vines from a pumpkin plant (or maybe not?!)
The embellies are all from stash (I told you I had alot of halloween stuff lol)
Have a good Sunday whatever your up to

Saturday, 3 October 2009

World Cardmaking Day!

Well seeing as it's World Card Making day today - here's mine!!!
Yup, Im using my fab Party Girl as this card is gonna be my hubby's anniversary card lol What you cant see is that on the piece of mirri board next to the heart it says "Celebrate Love" aaaahhh (finger down throat rofl)
Thanks for looking :o)

Friday, 2 October 2009

Grunge it up baby!

Bit of a return to form with this one lol! This is for a swap on Lots to Do Forum hosted by Hilda. We have to make a ruler book, inspired by Andrea's creation, the only rule being it has to be grungy!!!

My rule is cut from a piece of Tim Holtz paper and backed onto mountboard. The title of my book is 'whats the rule!' (geddit? lol)

I covered all my pages with pieces of
Northanger Abbey (yes, still!) and sprayed them with glimmer mists. The 'angel' is an image of t'net. I cut her a pair of wings from some paper scraps, infact this project was fab in that I revisited alot of my old stash. The buckle on the adjoining page was from a QVC kit I purchased about 4 years ago.

The next pages are just a mix of stuff. The fact that halloween is on its way inspired the raven and the 'nevermore' sentiment. Infact, Edgar Allen Poe's raven seems to have inspired me quite a bit over the last few weeks! I found the 'always' tag languishing at the bottom of a tub, so added the tag (from Crafty Secrets) so it reads 'bless our family - always'

This is the last page in my book and I love it's gruesome connotations. I started off with the clown (evil clown!) image again from some Tim Holtz paper. It reminds me of John Wayne Gacy,

plus I HATE CLOWNS! It all started with Pennywise LOL .Also, my hubby and I had been discussing films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Devils Rejects - hence the house image and recipient insane stamp. In the words of Pink "This used to be a fun house, but now it's full of evil clowns..."

Thanks for looking :o) (and dont have nightmares)