Thursday, 29 October 2009

An award!!

This award is from the very talented Amy (who has her own range of stamps being released next month!) Apparently I now have to share 5 things about me with you so...........
1) Im a twin (but not the evil one!)
2) Im actually a qualified archaeologist
3) The last film I saw was "Paranormal Activity" and was a bit scared!
4)I love a nice cup of tea
5) My fav band in the world is
30 Seconds to Mars

So those are my 5 things!!! It's difficult to chose but Im gonna pass this award onto

Lottie, Ju, Paula, Nicky and Gabby cos your blog are inspirational


Amy said...

Love reading these little tidbits about you Claire! And your #1 fact made me LOL! :)

sam21ski said...

Thanks for the info Claire, didn't know any of that about you, but I do now!!!!!

Kaz said...

well done on the award, very well deserved, lmao @ not the evil twin....and OOOOOO I LOVE Jared Leto...great band choice!!

ju said...

Do you mean me Claire? I am honoured, thank you very much hon!
Gosh, didn't know any of those things about you...........have I got to declare 5 things too? Oh 'eck!!lol

Minxy said...

Aww thank you hunny.. i am honoured x
and i never knew you were a twin.. untill now obviously lol x

Paula said...

ooo Ive just seen this...thank you so much - like Minxy,Im very honoured too x