Thursday, 28 May 2009

Im not dead!!!!

Been soooooo busy!!!! It's all bed and work!!!! Not done any crafting for ages as we've been decorating. Actually finished the bathroom, brought a new car (a proper new car LOL) and had twins!


Ang C said...

Awww aren't they lovely

sam21ski said...

Awww wow, so cute!!!

Glad you're ok and it's just life that's getting in the way, and nothing too serious!!!!

lottie said...

Aww Bless

I have three out of my four bantams broody. So only getting one egg a day - but do I mind, not a jot.

I will probably let mine sit on eggs next year - too much going on this year

Thanks for sharing the photos with us they are gorgeous.

ju said...

Aww cute!x

Andrea said...

how cute are they x

Minx said...

awwwwwww chickies, how adorable